The Dominant Life Form in the Cosmos Is Probably Superintelligent Robots

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Image: YouTube screenshot

Image: YouTube screenshot

If and when we finally encounter aliens, they probably won’t look like little green men, or spiny insectoids. It’s likely they won’t be biological creatures at all, but rather, advanced robots that outstrip our intelligence in every conceivable way. While scores of philosophers, scientists and futurists have prophesied the rise of artificial intelligence and the impending singularity, most have restricted their predictions to Earth. Fewer thinkers—outside the realm of science fiction, that is—have considered the notion that artificial intelligence is already out there, and has been for eons.


Susan Schneider, a professor of philosophy at the University of Connecticut, is one who has. She joins a handful of astronomers, including Seth Shostak, director of NASA’s Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, program, NASA Astrobiologist Paul Davies, and Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology Stephen Dick in espousing the view that…

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Picasso – Estudio para el cartel del Carnaval de 1900 (1899) ◆ RT @boddhikarma

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Increíbles detalles “Johannisstrasse, Murnau” Aniversario #Kandinsky MT @museothyssen

Fotos: Hélène Desplechin

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Microsoft #Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1: What’s new? /via


Windows 10 w/ start menu (English) (dt.)

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#art ♡ Marzena ♥ new painting: elephant


elephant, acrylic on canvas, 60 cm x 90 cm

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mal wieder neue #Entchen ◆ Plastikenten ◆ Badeenten


Badeentchen Rüsselsheim I


Badeentchen Rüsselsheim II

gefunden im Geschäft für Schreibwaren,
im EKZ Dicker Busch II, Rüsselsheim


! gekauft ! :


gekaufte Badeentchen

das mit der #Brille! gehört natürlich als Masterente  dazu 😄

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the #apps on my #Android 4.4.4 #Kitkat (OTA updated twice from 4.3) 6.4″ mini TABlet (phablet) Sony Xperia Z Ultra (C6833) #XZU * language setup German (deutsch) * 2014/12/17 /shared via “ShareMyApps” (“Check out my apps!”)




Check out my non-standard apps (= not pre-installed with Google Android stock or by Sony) on this mobile device ♦

hardly any games or “fun stuff” …

Google stock apps and Sony apps preinstalled by Sony (some call the preinstalled apps bloatware) aren’t in the list, because ShareMyApps does not recognize them — they are in the ROM ! :[

One important, useful example of those “bloatware apps” is the 3rd party app ‘File Commander’ preinstalled by Sony !

It is the only file manager able to write to any external physical storage connected to this system, e.g. the external SD card, after the system has been updated to Android 4.4 (KitKat), AND since it is not rooted !!

*nix manpages (1.1.3):
AddThis (1.0.1):
ADM (4.0.2):
Adobe Flash Player 11.1 (
Advanced Task Manager (5.1.5):
All Storage Search (1.1.19):
aLogcat (2.6.1):
aNdClip Free (3.2.4):
AndFTP (4.1.1):
Andmade Share Pro (5.2):
Android Device ID (1.2.1):
AntTek Cloud Explorer (1.0.4):
AntTek Explorer (
AntTek FTP Service (1.8.2):
AntTek Google Drive Client (0.91):
AntTek Server (0.1):
AntTek SkyDrive Client (1.0):
AntTek SMB Service (1.7.2):
AntTek WebDav Service (1.3.1):
Apotheke (5.1.1):
App Sichern & Wiederherstellen (3.2.1):
ASCII Chart (4.2):
Attach Contact (1.001):
Aufgaben (1.0.A.0.1):
Automated Device (2.0.46):
AutoText|NextWord (2.0):
Avast Mobile Security (4.0.7871):
avast! Backup (1.0.7754):
Backgammon Free (1.741):
Barcode Scanner (4.7.0):
BASIC! (1.84):
Battery Doctor (4.16.1):
Behörden (1.0):
Bild-Editor (2.1.b73):
Boat Browser (8.2.1):
Boat Cloud Print Add-on (1.1):
Bronze Membership (1.0):
Browser Selector (1.0):
Bundesliga (2.40.7):
Bundesliga 2 (2.40.7):
bURLy (1.0):
BusyBox (3.47):
CamScanner (
CanalRun Macro Keys (1.0):
Changelog Droid (3.7.4):
Chrome Beta (40.0.2214.36):
Clean Master (5.9.0):
Clipboard Dialer (2.0):
Compass 360 Pro (1.2.6):
Contacts VCF (2.1.10):
Converter (1.2.9):
ConvertPad – Unit Converter (2.9.00):
Das Örtliche (3.22):
Datum in der Statusleiste (1.9.6):
DB Navigator (11.40.p06.00):
Default App Manager (2.0.3):
derstadtplan (1.0.0):
Desktop VisualizeR (
Diagnose (2.10.52):
Didlr (1.8.3):
Docs (1.3.492.11.34):
Drives (
DroidEdit Free (1.22.5):
Dropbox (
DU Battery Saver (
DU Speed Booster (2.1.6):
EA Games Flat (1.0.7):
Earth (
Easy Uninstaller (2.3.0):
EasyDebugging (1.3):
Emoji 2 (2.2.1):
Epson iPrint (5.0.1):
Epson Print Enabler (1.0.1):
EPSON Printer Finder (1.0.0):
ES Datei Explorer (
Exchange-Dienste (6.5-1520254):
Facebook (
ffmpeg Codec arm V7 neon (1.0):
ffmpeg Codec arm V7 neon (5.0):
FiiNote (9.10.3):
File Shortcut (2.1.1):
Find My Car (3.9):
Fing – Network Tools (2.15):
FireChat (4.0.5):
Firefox Beta (35.0):
FOCUS Online (3.5.2):
Galerie (1.0.6):
Galerie KK (1.1):
Geräte-Manager (1.3.8):
GIF Camera (1.4.0):
Goggles (1.9.4):
GPS Status (5.3.111):
Hacker’s Keyboard (v1.37):
Hex Editor (3.0.15):
High-Speed Camera (3.0.1):
HiLink (
hr-iNFO (1.0.1):
hr1 (1.0.1):
HTML Colors (1.4.8):
Icon Finder Plus (1.6):
ICS Importer (1.36):
IMDb (
Imgur (1.4.8):
IP Widget (1.22.11):
K-@ Mail Pro (1.6.3):
Kalender (5.0.1-1638276):
Kalender Tag in der Statusleiste (1.9.6):
Kamera (2.4.025 (1636091-30)):
Kingsoft Clip (1.5.1):
Klassische Musik Klingeltöne (1.9.0):
Klingelton Maker (3.1):
Kundencenter (4.2.0):
kWS (1.7.2):
Language.English (4.2):
Link2SD (3.6.2):
LolliCloud (1.0.6):
MacroDroid (3.1.4):
Magine TV (0.103):
Manpages (1.51):
MAPS.ME (4.1.3):
MediaConverter (0.8.0):
MediaConverter (1.2.3):
Mediencenter (4.1.2):
mehr-tanken (3.1.0):
Mein md (2.2.3):
Mein o2 (5.0):
Memory usage (1.0.0):
Messenger (
MK Farsi Plugin (2.0):
MK.German (2.1):
MK.Greek.Plugin (2.1.1):
MK.linux.plugin (1.0):
MK.Russian (2.0):
MK.Thai.plugin (2.0):
MK.Turkish (1.0.2):
Mobile Counter (3.6):
Moon+ Reader (2.6.8 Build4):
Movie Creator (2.2.A.0.8):
MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker (1.7):
MP3 Video Konverter (1.9.37):
mpass mobil bezahlen (1.0):
Multiling O Keyboard (0.40.3):
MultiLing Spanish Plugin (3):
MultiLing-Tastatur (1.1.2):
MX Player (1.7.34):
My Cloud Player (15.1.3):
My Maps (87):
My Paid Apps (3.4.4):
MyAppSharer (1.9.2):
Naked Browser (1.0 build 86):
NeoReader (4.07.01):
Network Info II (0.7.1):
Nomedia (1.2.3):
Notizen (3.0.03):
o2 Home (1.0):
OctoDroid (3.7.2):
OfficeSuite (7.4.1857):
OfficeSuite (8.1.2572):
One Click VPN (
OneDrive (2.9.3):
Online Manager (
Panda Mobile Security (2.1.3):
Pandora (5.2):
Papyrus (
PAYBACK (4.4.2):
Permission Manager (3.3.6):
Photo Resizer HD (1.1.2):
PicsArt (4.7.2):
Pinterest (2.6.2-p):
Pixlr Express (2.2.1):
Plugin.French (2.1):
Plume (6.01):
Post Position (1.304043):
Prime Guide (1.3.3):
Präsentationen (1.1.492.10.34):
Puffin (
QR Droid (5.7):
Quickoffice (
QuickPic (3.9.2): (2.14.8):
Rechner (4.3):
Remote Desktop (39.0.2171.31):
Resize Me! (1.53):
RheinMain Events (1.7):
RMV (1.7.0):
Root Checker Normal (5.3.1):
RSS Junkie (
Screenshot Ultimate (2.9.24):
Scribd (3.8.1):
SD Card Cleaner (1.0.3):
SD Scanner (1.9):
Secret (10):
Send to SD card (0.3.9):
ShareMyApps (3.2.1):
Shazam (5.1.1-14121015):
Shortcuts (1.0):
Sichern Sie Ihre Smartphone (1.8.02):
SIM Card Info (4.0.5):
Simple Text (3.6.3):
SimpleFileFinder (1.0 – First Full Release):
Skitch (2.8.3):
Smart Distance (1.3.6):
Smart Measure (1.5.10):
Smart Ruler (1.4.8):
Snapchat (8.1.0):
Solitaire (3.2.0):
Speedtest (3.2.7):
Storage Analyser (0.9.9):
SupportText Free (0.1.15):
Synker (1.1.16):
System Info for Android (1.26.2):
Tabellen (1.3.492.11.34): (2.2):
tagesschau (1.6.4):
Tango (3.13.125497):
Terminal Emulator (1.0.63):
Terminal Helper (1.4):
Terminal IDE (2.02):
Textfee (1.1.22):
ti5x (15611.5):
Tiff Viewer Plugin (1.0):
Timeriffic (1.12.02):
Touch&Travel (2.0.2):
TrackID™ (3.83.25):
TubeMate (2.2.5):
TuneIn Radio (12.9.2):
Twitter (5.38.0):
UC Browser HD (
UI2T (1.0.2):
Unix and Linux Commands (1.0):
Unsere Heimat (1.1.1):
VI Reference (1.1):
VIM Commands (1.1):
Vine (3.2.0):
VLC (0.9.10):
Website To PDF (1.7):
WetterApp (3.0.3):
White Gate AntiVirus (
Wi-Fi Finder (3.335p):
Wifi Hotspot (1.3):
WiFi Manager (3.1.0):
Wifi Unlocker (1.1.2):
WordPress (3.4):
WPS Office (Kingsoft Office) (6.3.3):
X-plore (3.66.00):
Xabber Entwicklerversion (0.9.30c):
XiiaLive (3.2.1):
Xodo Docs (2.3.1):
Xperia Privilege (2.1):
Zoner AntiVirus for Tablet (1.4.1):
Öffi (8.44):

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ★


Screenshots taken and text published with  WordPress for Android on my Sony Xperia Z Ultra  phablet (6.4” mini tablet) with telephone functionality,

with Android 4.4.4 (KitKat) – after recent OTA update

Screenshots geschossen und Text mit WordPress für Android veröffentlicht an meinem seit neuestem mit Android 4.4.4 laufenden Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Alles mobil direkt vor Ort ersterfasst und in die Cloud übertragen
…und später immer wieder mal bei passender Gelegenheit dorthin mobil schnell aktualisiert…

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#art tweet von Ya estoy de vuelta = @ArmandoPolanco4

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#Russland • der #Rubel fällt und fällt und fällt ◆ RT @reuters_de

In den Moskauer Wechselstuben wurde der Rubel mit über 102 zu 1 Euro gehandelt. Damit waren die Anzeigetafeln überfordert und sind bei 99,99 stehen geblieben :mrgreen:

mehr hier

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#Kandinsky, born on this day in 1866, on the spiritual element in #art and the roles of artists ♡ RT @brainpicker & RT @loretobgude


Google Doodle for Kandinsky • on 12/16/2014

Watch Wassily Kandinsky Create an Abstract Composition in 1926:

(needs Flash !)

Geteilt via Plume

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Versehentlich mitmarschierender Moslem steckt 52 #PEGIDA -Demonstranten mit #Islam an /via Der Postillon

Islamisierte PEGIDA-Demonstranten beim Gebet

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spurious #correlations (vs. causality) #statistics #Statistik #Korrelation


merkwürdige Korrelationen 😈

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Samsung Reportedly Testing New Supercharged 64-bit #Galaxy Note 4 /via


Samsung Note 4

it is planned to get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC (64 bit enabled)

deutscher Artikel zum Thema


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28 Internet #acronyms everyone should know /via



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Franz Kafka’s Diaries – Osvaldo Licini

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Osvaldo Licini, “Amalasunta occhio giallo”, 1950

Osvaldo Licini, “Amalasunta occhio giallo”, 1950

I never wish to be easily defined. I’d rather float over other people’s minds as something strictly fluid and non-perceivable; more like a transparent, paradoxically iridescent creature rather than an actual person.

Franz Kafka; from a diary entry dated 23 March 1914

Franz Kafka’s Diaries, written in German language between 1910-1923, include casual observations, details of daily life, reflections on philosophical ideas, accounts of dreams, and ideas for stories. Kafka’s diaries offer a detailed view of the writer’s thoughts and feelings, as well as some of his most famous and quotable statements.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

Osvaldo Licini Italian Abstract Painter, 1894-1958

Original ansehen

Herr Ärmel: Fotografie und Text

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