Morphnotized – A Fractal Movie

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great fractal movie on YouTube !
3’27 <== 444 MB

Fine Art by David Lazarus

This one’s been a long time coming! I originally completed it in late 2013. Then, I redid it in a JWF v1.50 in April 2014. I found the perfect soundtrack for it with Anthony Rother’s song Elixir of Life 1 from his album Elixir of Life. So, I contacted Anthony to get permission to use that song. Amazingly, his initial reply was quite fast. He wanted to see the video with his song as the soundtrack. So, I added the the song to the video and sent it to him. However, he’s been so busy that he only just gave me the „OK“ September 3! I was absolutely delighted! I finally uploaded the 444MB video to Youtube on the evening of September 4. Now, it is available for everyone to see! Enjoy!

Please watch in HD!

This fractal was created in JWildfire; an app written by Andreas Maschke.

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