Microsoft says free Windows is a success, with 50 new companies making Windows phones and tablets

the new version’s name (following up Windows 8.x) is Windows 10 ! instead of Windows 9 (resp. Threshold) as expected.
And the technical preview was released to the public yesterday …

read this article for the Windows 10 launch yesterday…
and watch the video at the end of that article.


On Tuesday, Microsoft introduced Windows 10, a new version of its desktop OS that it hopes will continue to blur the lines between mobile and desktop operating systems. But Windows really started to go in a different direction earlier this year, when Microsoft announced that devices with screens smaller than 9 inches could forgo the licensing fee and run either Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone for free. According to Microsoft, it’s a success: executive Terry Myerson said yesterday that 50 new companies have started making Windows Phones and tablets since the program started.

At a glance, it appears to be true — there are a lot of new companies selling Windows Phones. Earlier this year, models from brands like Blu, Prestigo, and Yezz hit the market. There are certainly several other companies virtually unknown in the United States making devices running Microsoft’s mobile OS. As [company]Microsoft[/company] sets its mobile hopes on the low end…

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