Octics Part 5

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Fraktale ~~~ fractals

Element90 Fractals

This post is a continuation of the MC 8.2 version of the octic formula. As a reminder this is the formula:

z = ?z8 + ?z2 + c

Octic fractals that are calculated using polynomials can produce bizarre shapes and bits can separate off the main mass in the form of M2 Mandelbrots (i.e similar to the standard Mandelbrot). The Mandelbrot fragments are usually distorted in some way, the distortion is greater the closer the fragment is to the main mass.

Here are some pictures, mostly of the fractal as whole but with some highlighted regions. The colouring mostly ignores overlapping outer areas. Some of the pictures are coloured taking into account the overlapping areas and those pictures show detail that is obscured by ignoring the overlapping outer areas.

Note: the value for ? in all the following pictures is 1.

? = -0.675

? = -0.675


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