Sam, I am!

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ein Chamäleon als Haustier, so cool !

She Kept A Parrot

Sam is a baby Veiled Chameleon.

His body is about 3.5 inches long.

He is perhaps two months old.

I have had Sam for four days.

And, I am still trying to figure out what he likes best.

In the gallery below, the first photo reveals his displeasure.

I was arranging his vegetation, and he didn’t like my hand in his cage.

Chameleons are shy creatures who should be housed alone and rarely handled.

Sam looks very thin to me, so I took a fecal sample for analysis.  No parasites.

I suppose he simply needs to eat LOTS.

That poses a problem of sorts since I can never know precisely what he eats!

I laughed aloud at his expression when he checked out his feeding cup.

I think he was saying, „You really expect me to eat from that?

I thought it was a clever, on the spot, solution…

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