German media giant Axel Springer admits defeat, allows Google to index its news stories

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traffic to Springer’s news sites has plunged in the two weeks since Google stopped indexing Springer’s news stories

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dt. Artikel:
Springer knickt ein : Google darf wieder gratis Kurzzitate von Springer-Texten einstellen

Gefährlich ist’s, den Leu zu wecken, …
„Das Lied von der Glocke“, Friedrich Schiller, 1799



The latest skirmish in the long-running battle between Google and the German media establishment — over the search giant’s right to display short excerpts from news stories in Google News — appears to have been won by Google. Media giant Axel Springer admitted on Wednesday that removing its news content from the search engine caused traffic to plummet, and so it is allowing Google News to display short excerpts of its news stories again.

As my colleague David Meyer has explained in a number of previous updates, Springer and several other German companies have been fighting with Google for years over what they claim is the company’s theft of their content.

After much lobbying of the government, Germany finally passed a law that requires anyone who publishes more than a short „snippet“ of text from a newspaper to pay royalties, a law that was clearly aimed directly at Google News…

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