A milestone moment for Microsoft: .NET is now an open-source project

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MS .Net now OSS !

Was ist .NET ? (Wikipedia dt.)

What is .NET ? (Wikipedia English)

– vor einem Jahr ein unvorstellbarer Gedanke ! ☜ Android wirkt !

mehr zu den Entwicklungen ums .Net Framework
hier (aus Cachys Blog)


In what probably never would have happened under the first two CEOs to lead the historic software company, Microsoft plans to announce on Wednesday that it is open sourcing the entire .NET framework, a symbolic move by the Redmond, Washington-based legacy technology company officially recognizing that the open-source model of software development is here to stay.

As part of the open-sourced version of .NET, Microsoft is also making the framework cross platform, meaning that developers should now be able to craft .NET applications that can run on either Linux or the Mac operating system.

Even though [company]Microsoft[/company] has open sourced bits and pieces of .NET over the years and created the .Net Foundation in April, whose purpose is to oversee open-source .NET initiatives, today’s news highlights the realization by Microsoft that it needs to make a full-court press in order to attract developers who are used to working with a…

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