Mesmerizing GIFs Use Light and Motion to Visualize Sounds

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Visual artists long have been inspired by music and sound—and vice versa. Themes and concepts from one often infuse the other; well known examples include Kandinsky’s Composition 8, inspired by a performance of Wagner’s Lohengrin, or Rachmaninoff’s 13 preludes, inspired by Böcklin’s_Die_Heimkehr.

For Turkish artist Erdal Inci, a fascination with the physics of sound—how vibrations manifest as tone and timbre—informs his loops of undulating movement and light.

Using props like light wands, flags, boards, and even his own body, Inci cavorts through Istanbul’s public spaces to make short videos full of repeating motion. A metronome or music keeps his movement synchronized as he films with a fixed camera, allowing him to digitally clone and arrange himself into repeating visual waveforms that evoke the stuff of sound.

“The main idea was, ‘How I can visualize a single note?’,” he says. “If you clone a motion backwards in time…

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