▶ The Herd ( w/ Peter Frampton ) ❥ From the Underworld ✧ 1967 #music #videos

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It’s not often Greek mythology cracks the top 10, but the Herd managed to do it with song from the autumn of love (September ’67) which is based on the Orpheus and Eurydice story.

After the death of Eurydice ( Eurydike ),
Orpheus travels to the underworld.
By using music he melts the hearts of the gods down there who agree to let the missus come back into life.
The deal however is that she must walk behind Orpheus on their journey out and he is not to look back.

But you can guess what happened.
Actually you don’t need to, the following
Lyrics (From the Underworld, Songtext) tell you that.

[from http://www.songtexte.com/songtext/the-herd/from-the-underworld-6bd51a42.html ]:

Out of the land of shadows and darkness,
We were returning
Towards the morning light
Almost in reach of places I knew
Escaping the ghosts of yesterday
You were behind me following closely
„Don’t turn around now“
I heard you whisper in my ear
„If you should turn now,
All that you won
Will vanish just like a passing dream.“

Just on the very verge of the morning,
Daylight was dawning,
Freedom was but a step away
Now with the deep dark rivers behind us,
What could go wrong
If I stayed strong in mind.

What was the sudden lapse into madness,
What was the urge that
Turned my head around to look at you?
What was the stubborn will
To destroy the love and the joy
I nearly held?

Three times the thunder roared in my ears
In all of my years I’ll see that
Lost look in your eyes.
As, with a sigh like smoke in the wind
You slipped from my grasp
Into the waiting shadows.

So much I longed to say,
But my touch found only the empty air,
And a black night’s coldness.
lnto another world you entered
And never again I can reclaim you.

◆ Writer(s): Howard Blaikley
◆ Copyright: Carbert Music Inc.
◆ Lyrics powered by http://www.musiXmatch.com

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