Mobile recap: Android Chrome Reader Mode added

… reblogged …
and complemented concerning the Android Chrome Reader Mode feature 🙂

All about the brand new read-only mode of the Chrome browser for Android …

read only mode for chrome mobile

… type
in Chrome for Android and scroll down to the Enable Reader Mode Tool Icon option
or directly:
and ACTIVATE it – you must restart chrome after that …

some German options supplied by chrome://flags

It works in any Android version – if only Chrome for Android has the right version
— I did finally get the function on my OnePlus One w/ CyanogenMod …
and on my Sony XZU with Kitkat 4.4.4 as well !

new option ‚reader mode‘ simulated in the option list…

… BUT:
– after having activated you do not get the option
‚reader mode‘
in the option menu (as simulated in the ’screenshot‘ above)
– instead you get an icon in the top browser bar !
like this:

Reader Mode Icon / Lesen-Modus – Ikone

AND you only get this with few websites which are suited for the feature !!!
e.g. with◆-rt-pronline_de/


It works like this starting with Chrome for Android version
You do NOT need Android Lollipop 5.x, a Chrome version high enough is sufficient …


While the holiday shopping deals started flowing this past week, a new version of Chrome for Android appeared a little bit earlier in the month. You won’t see it in the release notes but Google tucked in a holiday treat if you know where to find it: Experimental Reader Mode.

This feature strips out all adds and other superfluous information from a mobile web page, leaving you with a pure content experience. [company]Google[/company] has been testing it for some time in Chrome Beta and now offers in the standard browser version.

Earlier this week, I explained how to enable Reader Mode in Chrome for Android, which is pretty simple:

„Since it’s experimental, you still have to find the setting manually; there’s no easy-to-spot checkbox for this yet. Instead, type chrome://flags in Chrome for Android 5.0 and scroll down to the Enable Reader Mode Tool Iconoption. Click the Enable…

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