important #Android #app #update available: ES File #Explorer (Datei Explorer – Dateimanager): v can now open Google Drive / #GDrive again

ES Datei Explorer ~ File Explorer (

downloading new version of ES File Explorer from Google Play Store (Android Market)
downloading new version of ES File Explorer (language: German)

Seit diesem Update funktioniert der Zugriff auf die Cloud - Google Drive - endlich wieder

In the version before this there was
an error message
net://XXXXX@gdrive/… is not found.
net://XXXXX@gdrive/… nicht gefunden.
whenever one tried to access any Google Gdrive cloud drive.

copying a file to my public directory in Google Drive using ES File Explorer
copying a file to my public directory in Gdrive using ES File Explorer

Under Android 5 (Lollipop) it is also possible to write to any position of external SD card again when using this app.
In order to do so, you must ONCE copy a file to the root directory of sdcard1 = external SD card
confirming a prompt (from the Explorer app) to do so.
After that this app will be able to do any copy or move operations to any external SD card positions. ☺

copying to external SD card using ES File Explorer under Lollipop
sdcard1 is the external SD card on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Posted from WordPress for Android
on a Sony Xperia Z Ultra,
OTA updated to Android 5.0.2 „Lollipop“


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