9 x Hiroshi Matsumoto, and others • mobile collages /streaming an .mp4 #video from the cloud: a public ♥ Dropbox directory resp. from ♥ Tumblr

Hiroshi Matsumoto
Hiroshi Matsumoto


I embedded the mp4 video, which is in my ‚public‘ Dropbox directory, into the WordPress.com article by simply inserting its Dropbox URL (public internet address) in the blog text (NOT as a link !).
This way I can use WordPress.com’s video player, but do not have to upload my video to YouTube, nor do I have to use a paid WordPress.com account in order to be allowed to store my videos directly in WordPress.com’s media library and then play it from there … 😎



The following is from Hiroshi Masumoto’s Flickr photo stream – click the picture to come to a great overview of his works:

… and this is Masumoto’s Pinterest profile:

Following another collage composed by me on my Sony Android phablet w/ the AndroVid app and posted to my mobile blog on Tumblr, now residing there as an .mp4 video as well, which can be directly played in WordPress.com from there:


Who do you think is the artist who created the work before my profile picture ?
It is one of Leonardo da Vinci’s chalk drawings !

Leonardo da Vinci, A Copse of Trees, 1508
red chalk on paper,
height: 191 mm / width: 153 mm

collages (.mp4 videos) composed w/ the Android apps ‚PhotoGrid‘ resp. ‚AndroVid‘, uploaded to Dropbox resp. Tumblr and then embedded in a WordPress article and
posted w/ WordPress for Android —
all carried out on a Sony Xperia Z Ultra phablet,
OTA updated to Android 5.0.2 „Lollipop“.
Took about 35 min. and was done ‚on the fly‘.


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