A Box of Trojans Please!! ★ /about #sex and moral standards in the ’50s

I *reblogged* this post.

It’s such a powerful description of how the US society’s (and not only their) moral standards restricted life, mainly of the younger people, back in the ‚good old days‘.

Beware of clericals and right wings who want those ‚values‘ back, e.g. under a pretext of ‚life protection‘.


Yes my children.

Though some of you might not believe it we had sex in the ‘50s.

Yes we did. Even the Cleaver though on black and white TV no one ever had sex. Or went to a toilet.

Now sex in the ‘50s had rules.

First there were church rules. No sex before marriage. Especially us Catholics.

No sex with your girlfriend. Certainly no sex with another boy. And no sex alone. No “spilling the seed”. In Catechism class all us boys learned about Onan. Besides, it could make you go blind. I wore glasses from when I was six. Girls didn’t have to learn about Onan.  They had other sins to worry about.

Getting ready for Confession meant counting up the number of sins – especially the really bad ones. The priest always seemed to ask how many times.

Chaperones at the school and church dances (Confraternity!) made…

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